Sequencer, 3ds max animation helper.

Sequencer is a small helper to easy and fast manage your keyframe ranges for your animations. CAT system is using layers for managing multiple animations, but what if you don’t use CAT? If you’re using multiple animations inside single project, it’s hard to remember keyframe ranges for each animation, you can write down ranges, but setting range in time configuration is time consuming if you want to preview more animations in row.

The solution is Sequencer, with just a two clicks you can view your animation in just a seconds. You can also generate .ini file Game Exporter utility, so you can export entire scene into FBX file without setting animaton clips manually.

UI description.

  1.  List of animations, where you can select desired animation range.
  2. Animation name editor.
  3. Start key.
  4. End key.
  5. Playback speed (30 is 1x, 60 is 2x, etc. These values will be rounded when animation is played becouse of manager limitations. FPS uses 30 fps as default animation speed prior to NTSC standard. )
  6. Animation is looping.
  7. Root motion flags. (They are purely informational and does not affect animation at all.)
  8. Add new animation range.
  9. Export whole list into .ini file that can be loaded into Game Exporter utility.
  10. Remove selected animation range.


Copy file to %3dsmax folder%/scripts/startup folder.

Where do I find it?ES_Where_UI.png

Click on Sequencer button and place anywhere in scene.
You can have multiple Sequencers in single scene.

Interface functions

AddAnimation name[string] start[int] end[int] fps:[float] loop:[bool] walkx:[bool] walky:[bool]

RemoveAnimation id[int]
id: animation number

ToINI filepath[string]



6 thoughts on “Sequencer, 3ds max animation helper.

  1. Hey there. I’ve been trying to use Sequencer along with the MT Framework tools, but after copying it in the startup scripts and opening 3DS Max again, the “EasyStuff” category doesn’t show up in Create>Helpers. I also tried to run the script manually, but I still can’t create a sequencer. I’m using 3DS Max 2017. Any idea what causes this?


      1. You can try to create it when you type EMSH_AnimationData() in listener. If it doesn’t create, then tool was not loaded, I don’t know issue cause, never had it.


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