Node name blacelet suffixes

Node name blacelet suffixes

There are or will be tools that reads format using variable buffers in order to efficiently store data.
In those cases it’s time consuming to search what features or how many uv channels said mesh have.

Solution for it is bracelet suffix that I use for said formats.
Suffix alwas starts with: [, ( bracelets.
Example: node name (name of block type[id data])

  • node name: If format supports node naming, otherwise should be named as “Object%%” or “Mesh%%” or you get the idea.
  • name of block type: is block name, used if format is block type (used mainly for debug reasons)
  • id data: Actual data used to determine properties of node. Can be:
    • U[set of numbers]: UV Channel(s) used
      • -2: Vertex Alpha
      • 0: Vertex Color
      • 1…n UV Channel ID (3ds max supports up to 99)
    • N: Model have imported propper Normals (this feature is unused in early versions of older scripts)
    • S: Model have skin modifier


  1. [U12N]: Model have UV Channels 1 and 2 + Normals
  2. [U-20]: Model have Vertex Color + Vertex Alpha

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