Insomniac Engine AllExtractor

So, this was long going project of mine, I started this all the way back in 2015, since then it was rewritten multiple times. Now I am kinda satisfied with results, so I would give it a try for beta testing.

What does it do?

It will extract/convert cooked archives used by engine. That is textures, models, sounds and many more. All textures will be converted into DDS (More Texture Formats). All sounds will be converted to ss2 or wav format (More Sound Formats).

Whinch engine versions?

From version 2 (Resistance 2) to late versions (R&C ItN so far), only assetlookup files.

Sound banks and texture banks work for any.

Drag’n’Drop Usage

Tool is kinda intelligent, you can drag’n’drop any files you want on it.
You can drag’n’drop assetlookup.dat files.
Also texture containers, tp/tph, bnk/bnkh or other like files containing *header. or *texel. in their names.
Any sound containers containing *resident_ or *streaming_ in their names.
You can drag’n’drop multiple files at once.

Command Usage

Tool can of course eat commands as well. All commands can be stacked like in script (ie multiple -sfx per one run).

  • -h Shows help
  • -tx [header path] [texel path] Will extract texture container. DO NOT swap header and texel paths, or you’ll get nothing! (Header will have “h” extension suffix or *header. in filename)
  • -sfx [resident path] Extracts resident sound container.
  • -sfs [resident path] [streaming path] Will extract sound containers. DO NOT swap resident and streaming paths, or you’ll get nothing!
  • -b Closes application without asking (prevents message prompt from appearing when app finishes all tasks). This is usefull for batch operations.

Output Texture Formats

All textures will be converted  into DDS with mipmaps if available.

Highmips.dat will store largest image.

Textures.dat will store mipmaps.

If you forget any of those files, tool will adapt (can extract textures without mipmaps and reversed way)

Supported Color Formats:
  • DXT1
  • DXT3
  • DXT5
  • AL88
  • L8
  • ARGB8888
  • RGB565

In case of unsupported format appearing, tool will post message and extract file without format specification, in this case, user should report this message.

Tangent Space Normal Maps Light Directions:

v2 Engine:

  • Red: None (black)
  • Green: Y from Top
  • Blue: None (white)
  • Alpha: X from Left

v3 Engine:

  • Red:  Y from Top
  • Green: same as Red
  • Blue: same as Red
  • Alpha: X from Left

Note: Generaly in TS Normal Mapping, sampler doesn’t need Z Axis, Z axis can be easily computed within shader or not used at all.

Output Sound Formats:

All ADPCM sounds will be converted into Sony ADS (SS2) format, whinch can be converted/played with VGMStream or MFAudio.

All PCM sounds will be converted into RIFF WAVE (wav) format.

In case of Streamed sounds: If tool cannot detect input format, it will extract instead of convert sound.

In case of Resident sounds: Sample rate is for now fixed at 32000Hz. User must modify sample rate if required (sound is too slow or too fast). Sample rates can be edited within file header or in any good sound editor like Audacity.

Current Sample Rates:
  • 48000, 41000: Music (Not used in Resident Sounds, but just in case)
  • 32000: Special effects (hardcoded in tool so far)
  • 22050, 11025: Voice effects

License and README

All informations posted here are also in README file.

Read EULA before you use this program.

Current Version: BETA 1.1

Download App



  • Fixed wrong texture conversion for vertical uncompressed textures

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