Earthrise Import Tool

Earthrise is sci-fi MMORPG, it’s still available to play, even after it got cancelled some time ago. However their website is really slow, so to actually create an acount might take half  hour.

Tool is written under 3ds max 2017 SP3 however it should work for older versions aswell.

Tool should support all models, including animations and material support.

Tool is working with Sequencer plugin aswell. Get Sequencer plugin
Also I recommend you to read Node name blacelet suffixes

UI description


  1. Setting Working directory for texture loading. this folder should be set where game exe is.
  2. Overall scale of model. This applies on animations aswell.
  3. Import meshes.
  4. Keeps node name suffix. Disabling this, user will lose important informations about mesh.
  5. Disabled for now.
  6. Enables textured model in viewports.
  7. Removes all keyframes for all bones in scene and restores default pose. This is useful when you importing single animations, so you don’t want to reimport model each time.
  8. Imports All animations from loaded file, or imports animation by selected name. If you don’t have Sequencer plugin present those buttons will be disabled, only thing you can change is name.


Just drag’n’drop mzp file into the scene. Or run it via Run Script.

Texture Extraction

Textures are located in Textures folder (how convenient), all textures are packed within .mpk archives. To extract them just open those files as zip and extract their content to Textures folder so the tool can locate and load them.

Config Files

This tool uses ini file to save state of tool when closed. So next time it will open, your settings will be intact. Ini file is stored in %plugcfg% folder as EarthriseMHS.ini.
If you don’t know where this folder is, type this command into listener: GetDir #plugcfg

Listener messages

Unknown node type [%node id%] at offset: %offset in file%.
Model contains some unresearched data, this message is not fatal, and all will load as it should. But you should inform me if this popups.

Cannot find %node name% or Cannot find subnode %node name%
Script struggles to find certain node in file. This is called when model uses different access pipeline, or when some component is missing (like animations in static model). Worst thing that could happen is, that it won’t load some component.

Skipped %param name% {%param value%}material parameter.
Some material parameters are not passed to actual material. Those will be printed so user can implement them manually.

Error messages

Cannot Load Skin
Will show up if some unknown behaviour happens when creating skin for model. In this case model will be created but without skin modifier. This was added since I found broken model, probably unused, but as safety measure for potencional others.

Download Tool

Current Version: BETA 1.1


BETA 1.1

  • Fixed texture loading bug.



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