Kingdoms of Amalur Import tool

KOA was released in 2012, however devs defuncted before they could make propper sequel, whinch is shame. I wanted them to fix that horrendous combat this game have.

Tool is written under 3ds max 2017 SP3 however it should work for older versions aswell.

Tool should support all models.

I recommend you to read Node name blacelet suffixes

UI description

    1. koa_ui.pngOverall scale of model.
    2. Keeps node name suffix. Disabling this, user will lose important informations about mesh.
    3. Will reset skin poses for all models in scene. This is usefull when user modifies model’s transform (example: to match skeleton)


Just drag’n’drop mzp file into the scene. Or run it via Run Script.

Config Files

This tool uses ini file to save state of tool when closed. So next time it will open, your settings will be intact. Ini file is stored in %plugcfg% folder as KOAFAB.ini.
If you don’t know where this folder is, type this command into listener: GetDir #plugcfg

Renaming hashed names

I have made application long time ago to rename hashed names to regular ones.
I released it in Xentax Post along with usage instructions.

Loading models

Both fab_bxml and fab_visual_data_streamable_bin must be in same folder in order to load.

Skeleton Glitches

Sometimes, when importing desired model, skeleton might have displaced nodes, to fix this, just import skeleton file. Skeleton files have same name as model, but they have _skel in their name. Make sure to press Reset Mesh Skins after to update meshes.

Listener messages

Invalid fab_bxml file.
Loaded file is invalid. fab_visual_data_streamable_bin might load if found.

Unhandled mesh type: %type%
Unhandled mesh type. Should not ever appear.

Download Tool

Current Version: BETA 1


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