Xenoblade Chronicles Import Tool

Tool is written under 3ds max 2017 SP3 however it should work for older versions aswell.

Tool should support all models, textures from both XCX and XC2. It also supports morph targets for XC2.

I recommend you to read Node name blacelet suffixes

UI description


  1. Model file picker
  2. Pick next file without dialog
  3. Keeps node name suffix. Disabling this, user will lose important informations about mesh.
  4. Disables mesh cleaning. More info in Known Issues.
  5. Overall scale of imported mesh.
  6. Will convert textures to gtx(XCX) or bntx(XC2) format. Will require wismt/casmt file alongside model file. Exported textures will be in %model file path%/%model file name%/ folder.
  7. Will convert textures directly into DDS format. More info in Installation and setup.
  8. Will convert textures into DDS lossless format (RGBA8).
  9. Loads model, converts textures. Depends what will you check. It will load skeleton no matter what.
  10. Advanced options, for setting paths. More info in Installation and setup.

Installation and setup

Just drag’n’drop mzp file into the scene. Or run it via Run Script.

This tool will need a few external programs

  • Offzip for loading XC2 models/textures. Download Link
  • TexConv2 for converting XCX and lossless textures. Not linked(copyright).
  • bntx_extract (use version 0.4!) for converting XC2 textures. Latest Release

All those must be set in Advanced Options in order to successfully work.

Temp folder in Advanced Options will be automatically set to %temp%.

However you can freerly change this folder to any you like. This is usefull if you have SSD disc and don’t want to litter it with overwritable file.

Config Files

This tool uses ini file to save state of tool when closed. So next time it will open, your settings will be intact. Ini file is stored in %plugcfg% folder as XenobladeX.ini.
If you don’t know where this folder is, type this command into listener: GetDir #plugcfg

Loading models

What will you need for XCX: camdo/camst in same folder. Casmt only for textures.

What will you need for XC2: wimdo/wismt/arc files. Arc is for skeleton, if you don’t have this file, tool will import internal skeleton, but unlinked.

Known Issues

Cleaned meshes and skin issues. Every time mesh is created it will be cleansed of unused vertices to save space. After vertex is removed, skin modifier will reload and search for vertices by their position. But when model have 2 (or more) vertices at same position, but with different bone weights, it will only apply weight for first found vertex. This causes glitches in skin. To prevent that I have added Clean Meshes (4.) button.

Error messages

Textures not detected.
Textures are not present in stream file.

Invalid streamed file.
Loaded file is not stream file. (Should never appear)

Cannot locate streamed file.
Streamed file is not alongside model file.

Invalid MXMD file.
Invalid model file. (Should never appear)

Cannot locate texconv2, please specify valid path.
Specify path to TexConv2 in Advanced Options.

Cannot locate bntx_extract, please specify valid path.
Specify path to bntx_extract in Advanced Options.

File does not exists.
Cannot locate model file.

File is not XBC at: %offset%
File is not XBC container in stream file at said offset. (Should never appear)

Offzip not found. [%current path%]
Specify path to offzip in Advanced Options.

Temp Directory is missing or it’s not writeable. [%temp folder%]
Specify valid path to temp folder in Advanced Options.

Cannot execute dos command.
Internal error. (System specific)

Listener messages

Unhandled skin type: %ID%
(XCX only) Warning message, should be reported.

Cannot find remap node: %, creating free dummy
(XC2 only) Info Message when bone is not found in external skeleton.

Undefined vertex descriptor: %ID%
New vertex descriptor, should be reported.

Unhandled BC block: %id%
(XC2 only) New BC block format.

Unknown texture format: %id% for: %texture name%
(XC2 only) new texture format, should be reported.

Cannot create file: %file path%
Make sure you can write in that location and file is free if exists.

Cannot create folder: %folder path%
Make sure you have writing rights in that location.
Make sure you can write in that location.

More than 2 texture sets.
(XCX only) Info message.

Undetected uncached textures, extracting cached instead.
(XCX only) When model have only cached textures.

Invalid Binary Collection file for skeleton
(XC2 only) Arc file internal error. (Should never appear)

Cannot locate skeleton in arc file.
(XC2 only) External skeleton is missing. Will load internal istead.

Invalid arc file.
(XC2 only) Arc file is not valid arc file.

Cannot locate arc file. Skeleton will not be linked.
(XC2 only) Arc file is missing.

Download Tool

Current Version: BETA 1.3



  • XC2: Fixed wrong name texture extraction
  • XC2: Added BC4 format support


  • Added support for 3rd UV channel
  • XC2: Some minor fixes
  • XC2: Fixed incorrect morph naming
  • XC2: Fixed Riging problems
  • XC2: Added LOD per layer sorting


  • XC2: Fixed skin problems for LOD0
  • XC2: Fixed morph naming for different meshes


  • Fixed exporting corrupted FBX files (this may affect other exporters aswell, those who can export more that 1 uv channel)
  • XC2: Fixed some texture converting errors, again…


  • XC2: Added BC2 format support

2 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles Import Tool

  1. Could you please tell me where I can get the XBX models? I’m really just interested in the Vita, since I’d like to turn it into a figure a la Gunpla, reason why I also need to use the model on Blender. I’m sorry if it’s a lot, but I don’t really know anything about 3DS max and I’m starting to learn just to print the Vita. ^^;

    Thanks in advance!


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