Insomniac Engine import tool

Insomniac Engine (as refered in Wiki) is used by Insomniac Games as their proprietary in-house engine, mostly used for PS3 titles like Resistance or Ratchet & Clank Series. Tool provides full model and partial material support for Ties and Mobys. It will load all files produced by Insomniac Engine AllExtractor. Tool is written under 3ds … Continue reading Insomniac Engine import tool


MT Framework tools

MT Framework is Capcom proprietary in-house engine used in many of their games. For over than 10 years was their animation format completely unresearched, until now. Tool provides model, animation import and Simple IK creation. Tool is written under 3ds max 2017 SP3 however it should work for older versions aswell. Tested pc games: Lost … Continue reading MT Framework tools

Sequencer, 3ds max animation helper.

Sequencer is a small helper to easy and fast manage your keyframe ranges for your animations. CAT system is using layers for managing multiple animations, but what if you don't use CAT? If you're using multiple animations inside single project, it's hard to remember keyframe ranges for each animation, you can write down ranges, but … Continue reading Sequencer, 3ds max animation helper.